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Mini Excavator Hire Sydney

Mini Excavator Hire

Excavator Hire Sydney

Excavator Hire

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We have a fleet of machines to fit your budget and site needs.  Simply tell us about your project and let us find you the right machine to fit the specifications of your site and timetable. Here is a sample of what we have to offer:

Excavators (3 TONNE - 20 TONNE)

When there is a big job to be done, it takes a big machine to do it. Nothing has the digging power of a full-sized excavator. No matter what your construction needs are, We have an excavator that can make you productive and efficient on the job.

Excavator Hire Sydney
Mini Excavator Hire Sydney

Mini Excavators (1 - 3 TONNE)

Sometimes a large excavator is not the right tool for your project. Maybe you are working on a confined worksite. Or maybe you just don’t need the power of a large machine. No matter your reason, We can find you a mini-excavator that meets the needs of your project.

Bobcat HIRE

The most versatile machine on the worksite, a Bobcat can load and move like no other. We have Bobcats of all sizes ready to work on your project. From the highly manoeuvrable mini to the powerful full-size, we have the Bobcat that fits your requirements.

Bobcat Hire Sydney

Excavator Attachment HIRE

No matter what type of machine you decide to hire, there is a plethora of attachments that will expand its capabilities and extend its utility. In many cases, there is no need to hire multiple machines. Rather, an attachment will convert a single machine into one capable of entirely new functions. We continually update our fleet with the latest technology and equipment to ensure your project can be executed as efficiently as possible. Your hire will not come to you worn out or run-down. Instead, you will have a late model, reliable machines on your site, allowing you to be extraordinarily productive.

Call us now to hire your excavator, digger, or bobcat today!

We Provide Quality Excavator Hire Sydney!

Whether you need an excavatormini-excavator, or Bobcats, we have the best equipment for your project.  We have every size machine that you could need and will hire them out for whatever length of time your job might require.  

We think our mission is to get you the highest quality equipment, rapidly deployed to your site, with exceptional service.  We strive to meet and exceed all your expectations.

Our equipment is 100% maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s service standards, so you can be sure that it will work without problem on your worksite.  We understand that downtime is lost productivity and lost money, so we ensure that our equipment is late model and compliant with all regulations and standards.  A safe and effective hire for your project is our ultimate goal.

It does not matter if you are a novice or a professional, our friendly and experienced professionals will find the right machine for you at a very affordable price.

Excavator Hire Sydney
Your decision to opt for a dry hire is an excellent one. Because you are only paying for the equipment, you are saving money on operator pay rates, both during work cycles and during downtime on the worksite.

We know that money is important and so we guarantee that we will beat any competitor’s quote.  

We are local and reliable.  We provide services to large and small projects, whether they be commercial or domestic.  Let our decades of experience in Sydney become your biggest ally.

Our reputation for excellence is unparalleled, and we work to maintain our client’s trust each and every day.  Whether you are a top tier construction company or a residence owner working on a landscaping, construction, or renovation project, we will treat you like you are the most important client we have.  

Our team is dependable and courteous, but most importantly, we are honest to a fault.  We stand by every quote we make—no hidden fees or buried charges.

Whether you need an excavator or another machine in Sydney, we can get you the best equipment for your job.

Bobcat Hire Sydney

Call us now to hire your excavator, digger, or bobcat today!

Safety on YOUR Worksite

Our machines are the safest in the industry.

And though we know that our machines are not risks unto themselves, there are safety concerns on any worksite that you should be aware of.  

By understanding your site’s safety risks, you can make sure that your job gets done with no one getting hurt or anything getting damaged.

Here are some safety considerations to think about when evaluating your project:


Working on a slope increases the risk of equipment turnover. One must stay cognizant of the degree and direction of the slope, ensuring the machine does not exceed limitations for either.


Overhanging objects, such as power lines, can pose a danger to the operator. Besides electrocution, contact with those objects creates an opportunity for them to fall on the cab.


When working in small or confined spaces, you must take particular care to avoid contact with nearby objects. Whether you are near buildings, vehicles, or walls, taking safety precautions to avoid collision is highly important.


One of the greatest risks of digging in an urban location is the chance of damaging communication lines or underground utilities. In addition to the hazards posed by disrupting buried cables or pipes, there is a significant financial risk in doing so. The operator should ensure they have looked at the relevant utility plans prior to doing any digging work.


If you are not doing a solo project, then you always should be aware of the people working with you when you are operating a large machine. People can fall into a dig, be struck by falling objects, or even be buried in a collapse. You can help prevent these safety issues by identifying at risk workers and controlling their risk by your safe operation of the equipment. Ensure your workers wear personal protective equipment, have the training needed to do the job right, and stay focused on the worksite. Finally, be sure to restrict your site to only those who absolutely need to be there. Set up a boundary perimeter and keep unauthorised personnel out of your location.

There is nothing more important to your project than your safety and the safety of those around you.  Please do your part to stay safe on the site.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable excavator hire in Sydney, call our knowledgeable and experienced staff at (02) 9052 6337 today!

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We understand that there is a range of experience levels in people looking for a dry hire.  

Our company wants to make sure you are comfortable with the equipment and ready to go.  As such, one of our experienced and trained staff will provide all the necessary training before you jump in the cab.

When you take possession of your machine, it will include the following:

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If you are looking for a reliable and affordable excavator hire in Sydney, call our knowledgeable and experienced staff at (02) 9052 6337 today!


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