Our machines are in our blood.

Grandad worked construction all his life. The pride in his voice when he would tell us about his days working on the Sydney Opera House was unmistakable.

To this very day, we can remember his descriptions of driving nearly 1-meter diameter steel-cased concrete shafts into the perimeter of the site and filling the center with mass concrete foundations.

So Dad grew up visiting worksites and was entranced with the machines he saw there.  When Dad was a child, Grandad would put him in the cab of some of those vehicles and Dad never looked back. 

As soon as he had the means, Dad purchased his first front-loader and Dave’s Wet Hire was born.

Dad loved helping people on their projects, but the time he spent on the job sites meant he could only help one person at a time.  He realized that if he had more machines, he could make sure that many more people had access to the tools they needed to complete their projects. 

So, by the time I was old enough to join the company, Dad’s wet hire business had turned into Dave’s Dry Hire.

And now, we are able to make Dad’s vision a reality.  With our fleet of excavators, trench diggers, and Bobcats, we ensure anyone who needs a construction vehicle can hire one. 

We have a lot of family pride in what we do. 

Full-size or mini, our machines are the best in Sydney.  We buy only the finest quality equipment made by the top manufacturers.  Our maintenance system ensures that your hire will work perfectly and make you more productive at your project.

More than that, we have the finest, most knowledgeable staff in Sydney working with us.  All of them have experience with big machinery, and then we train them so they are ready to answer all of your questions.

They can guide you in every step of the decision-making process for your hire.  You will have the right tool to do your job when you leave us.

No one is better at getting you the right tool for your project and doing it at an affordable price.  Our quality equipment is reliable and guaranteed to do the job for which you hired it.

Come to our office and see hundreds of before and after photos from our satisfied customers.  We love seeing the difference that our machines have made in Sydney – and the remarkable work people have done with them. 

That is why we ask each customer to bring us pictures of their project.  Dad may not be out there doing the jobs himself these days, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the feeling of accomplishment when he sees what his tools have done.

You may be not building an Opera House, but your project matters to us.

So come to the office or give us a call at (02) 9052 6337.  We guarantee your satisfaction.

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